5 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New

If you want your car to remain brand new in its overall looks, you need a plan that is very well defined on http://www.sticky-notes.net/reviews/best-car-scratch-remover/. Since any vehicle takes a certain amount of maintenance and care to stay in good condition, you should follow these 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New as soon as you drive your new car home.


Tip #1 – Establish a Regular Car Washing and Waxing Schedule  

As soon as you drive your new car home, you may want to take time out of your to set a regular time to wash and wax your car. Even though some people may be tempted to only wash their vehicle when it gets too dirty to drive without being embarrassed, this is not the best practice to follow if you want your vehicle to stay in the best condition possible. Instead, you will need to wash your car at least once a week. According to professional in the car care industry, washing your car regularly is very important. This is because a car wash will help to prevent contaminants such as dirt, salt, dust, pollen bugs, tree sap and other airborne pollutants from sticking to the exterior of the vehicle. By washing the car as prescribed by manufacturers, you can protect the paint and its finish from damage. 


Tip #2 – Don’t Forget to Add Window Tint 

Some people like to add tint to their windows because they like the overall look that it gives or they do not want others to see easily in the windows. Though these may be good personal reasons for adding window tint to any vehicle, these are not the only purposes for installing tint on windows. In fact, one of the primary reasons for installing tint on a car’s windows is to prevent the interior of the vehicles from fading and drying out. So, due to the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays, manufacturers have made these provisions. In particular, because window tint is designed to block out 100% of the ultraviolet rays and the heat that comes along with it. 


Tip #3 – Steam the Engine 

Another good practice that keeps the vehicle looking brand new both inside and out is steam cleaning the engine. Engine steam cleaning is recommended at least biannually. With biannual cleaning of the engine, the motor of the car will run much cooler so you will get better performance over the years. Also, when a mechanic works on the vehicle for either maintenance or repairs, they are much more likely to clean up behind themselves thoroughly when the owner has already done an impeccable job. 

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New

Tip #4 – Don’t’ Let Scratches Linger 

Even though most people do not like to see scratches on their new vehicle, it can easily become a regular part of driving a vehicle as the years pass on. Therefore, it may not take long for a brand new car to look worn and older than its years. To avoid these problems, one of the best things that the owner can do is to pay attention to these details. Therefore, as soon as they see a scratch on their vehicle, they should take out the scratch remover. Before starting this process, however, you should make sure that you have done your homework first, specifically if you are going to find the top scratch removers in the industry. 


Tip #5 – Create a Detailed Schedule 

Last but not least, you should create a detailed schedule for maintenance. By creating a detailed schedule in advance, you will not leave any unnecessary problems to chance. Also, you can make sure that your vehicle has the best care possible. With a schedule, you can also make sure that the vehicle looks good inside and out for the life of the car.

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